Photograph of Delia by: Antonio D’Alfonso

DELIA DE SANTIS is a writer and an editor. She was born in Italy. At the age of thirteen, she came to Canada with her mother and brother to join her father, who had immigrated earlier.

Delia writes short stories, poetry, and memoir pieces.

Her short stories have been widely published in literary magazines and anthologies. Some of her work has been translated into Italian.

Her short story collection: Fast Forward and Other Stories was published by Longbridge, Montreal: 2008.

Awards for short stories

“Abandoned Wedding Band” First Prize in the Saga Bound Book Store contest (Winter Festival).

“Call Display” Honourable Mention in the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts Short Story Contest.

“Fast Forward” Translation by Gabriella Iacobucci, titled “Andare avanti,” Menzione Speciale nel Premio Internazionale–Alla Luce delle Mainarde.

“Holding Place” Honourary Mention in CAA Niagara First Annual Short Story.

“No Man of Music” Third Prize in New Day Publications Literary Contest.

“Nothing Changes” First in CAA Sarnia Branch for inclusion in the Millennium Anthology In all Directions.

“How Many Children Did Mama Have?” First Prize, CAA member at large, online short story contest.

Anthologies co-edited and edited

Sweet Lemons: Writings with a Sicilian Accent. (Eds) Venera Fazio & Delia De Santis. Publisher, Legas, NY: 2004, 298 pp.

Writing Beyond History: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry. (Eds) Licia Canton, Delia De Santis, Venera Fazio. Association of Italian Canadian Writers. Publisher, Cusmano. Montreal: 2006, 178 pp.

Strange Peregrinations: Italian Canadian Literary Landscapes. (Eds) Delia De Santis, Venera Fazio, Anna Foschi Ciampolini. Publisher, Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies: 2007, 253 pp

Sweet Lemon 2: International Writings with a Sicilian Accent. (Eds) Venera Fazio & Delia De Santis.Publisher, Legas, NY: 2010, 384 pp.

Italian Canadians at Table: A Narrative Feast in Five Courses. (Eds) Loretta Gatto-White & Delia De Santis. Publisher, Guernica Editions, Toronto: 2013, 266 pp.

Exploring Voice: Italian Canadian Female Writers. (Eds) Venera Fazio & Delia De Santis. Publisher, Iacobucci Centre. Special Issue of Italian Canadiana Volume 30 (2016), 285 pp.

People, Places, Passages. (Eds) Giuli De Gasperi, Delia De Santis, Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni. Publisher, Longbridge, Montreal: 2018, 548 pp.

Italian Canadiana (special issue volume 34): New Perspectives in Italian Canadian Writing.(Ed) Delia De Santis. Publisher, Iacobucci Centre. Department of Italian Canadian Studies , University of Toronto. 2020.

Delia has been an executive member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers for many years and has volunteered on several committees. She belongs to the Writers Union of Canada.

Throughout her life, she enjoyed working at different jobs; hairdressing, real estate, and administrator of her husband’s construction business. But writing has always been there for her, even though sometimes in the background. Writing is her one lasting passion.